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NAIS Manila Student talks about Boto Mo, Bukas Ko on ANC's Beyond Politics

Lia headed to United Nations Headquarters in New York this July, to join the other 60 NAE schools from 27 different countries at the  2019 NAE Student Summit.

Project Brief prepared by Lia J  - Year 10 and Head Student:

Boto Mo, Bukas Ko is a Filipino phrase meaning: Your Vote is My Future. Boto Mo, Bukas Ko is an education programme focused on Strengthening Institutions, Good Governance, Citizens and Communities.

The objectives of our partnership with BotoMo, Bukas Ko are:

1. To use the Global Challenge as a platform for Voters education and Responsible Citizenship

2. To raise awareness on Governance, Leadership and Citizenship among the youth

3. To generate a better understanding among young people on the importance of Government, Policy and Institutions and how this impacts on creating a better world

Through this, we hope that not only will the youth be able to apply SDG 4 and 16 in elections, but only through life activities.

For example, to always question if a plan/ person is representing the qualities portrayed in the Global Goals.

We aim to achieve these objectives through a range of ways including developing workshops for young people to learn about politics and creating a voting game that simulates elections to teach the voting process.

Boto mo, Bukas ko was created as part of the requirements for the New York UN Conference with UNICEF, but it has become more than just a project, it’s our future.

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